Property Owner Reviews


Sunflower Management, LLC strives to provide the best service to all of our clients. See what our property owners are saying about us:

"Thank you for the wonderful job that you are doing and the great work." Property Owner - Maria October 2015

"I want to thank you and Sunflower for taking time to care for the students and community members who do business with you. Sunflower has made some great improvements over the last few years and are a great part of our community." Member of Colorado Springs Police Department September 2015

"You have a lovely office and a very friendly, professional staff. I really enjoyed meeting them." Property Owner - Toni W. August 2015

"Gretchen, I want to thank you for all your help and express our satisfaction with Sunflower's ability to manage our property. Please thank our new tenants for bringing these matters to our attention and we hope they will be comfortable at Little Pines." Property Owner - Mike Feb 2015

"Gretchen, I wanted to say thank you for the help you provided on getting my loan secured. I appreciate that you took time during your holiday to talk to the lenders and vouch for me! I wish you and yours the best!" Property Owner - Matt W. Jan 2015

"Paige, you are a delight to work with and I am glad that we went with you and your company." Property Owner - Gary M. Nov 2014

"Thank you once again Gretchen, you do a fantastic job and I am very appreciative of what you do for me." Property Owner - Pamela S. Nov 2014

"So quick! Thank you for the excellent service. Ya'll are a bunch of pros!" Property Owner - Tiffany T. June 2014

"I've been so pleased with how Sunflower has made my life easy. I sincerely thank you!" Property Owner - Tiffany March 2014

"Thank you so much, I appreciate your speedy response! You're the best!" Property Owner - Katherine F. March 2014

"Thanks for all your hard work making it our best year yet! We are looking forward to another good one!" Property Owner - Dave F. January 2014

"Thanks for all the good work you do. We have been very pleased with your quality of service and prompt response time...thanks a million!!"
Property Owner - Carrie S. January 2014

"Wow.......Excellent turn around time! Many thinks for your great services. Warm regards." Property Owner - Heather G. December 2013

"This may be a Merry Christmas this year. Thanks to the staff there [at Sunflower Management]." Property Owner - Michael C. December 2013

"Thanks for everything. I have to say that I am really pleased with the service you have been providing over the past few years!" Property Owner - Bridget B. November 2013

"You guys are awesome for managing this stuff so well. It's a comfort to know that while I'm in the midst of other stuff you guys are working together in the best interest of our family and our renters. Keep up the good work!" Property Owner - Lee R. October 2013

"Thanks for taking care of this for us and being proactive. We appreciate all of the support and work from your team." Property Owner - Shaun August 2013

"You guys do a really great job and I appreciate your professionalism." Property Owner - Chris S. June 2013

"You have been just wonderful and very helpful. Thank you! Thanks again for bringing enthusiasm and a beautiful spirit of cooperation to the job!" Realtor - Deanna G. May 2013

"I would recommend your team to anyone!" Property Owner - Bruce D. May 2013

"I appreciate Sunflower's response to problems. Thank you very much for your professionalism and steady management." Property Owner - Patrick L. March 2013

"I wanted to say that I am so glad I decided to chose your company to manage my property! I am so pleased with you guys!"
Property Owner - Kara A. January 2013

"Thank you for your attention to detail - you guys give us great confidence in your abilities." Property Owner - Danielle M. January 2013

"We decided to go with you guys as our property managers. We rented with you all back in 2007 and were pleased with the company and so far you have been very helpful and prompt in responding to my questions." Previous Resident/Property Owner - Nicole W. December 2012

"Thanks again for all the work on the property. We had our best year yet! Revenue was up over 2011 and expenses were basically flat......" Property Owner - Dave F. December 2012

"Thank you for your dedication to you and your staff in leasing the property." Property Owner - Richard B. December 2012

"Thank you for maintaining a professional working relationship. Thank you as well for your vigilance in pursuit of correcting the issue with the utility company. Thank you for your endurance in pursuit of the tenants and seeing justice from fraud." Property Owner - Patrick L. December 2012

"Thanks for the quick response.....I appreciate being able to count on your team, and it's especially important when we're a thousand miles away from home." Property Owner - Mark M. November 2012

"Thanks for the following up. It's issues like these that make a good property management firm worth its weight in gold!" Property Owner - Bruce D. October 2012

"Thank you so much for the quick reply. The cooperation and timely reporting of issues by the tenants, and your hard work, have made it easier for us to get things fixed for them as quickly as possible. You're doing a great job!" Property Owner - Erin H. July 2012